Joseph Cassady Harris

Set Decoration


2015 – Kill the Czar
Dallas Texas.
Shopping, Sourcing, Fabricating, Decorating, Budgeting.
This was a full feature that only had 4 days to do a complete prep.

2015 – The Silent Man
48 Hr film fest
Designed costume and props over night. Incorporated the assigned prop (marker) into a staff as part of characters costume. dressed locations.

2015 – Help! My Gumshoe’s an Idiot
Decorating, Art Direction
Shopped, Decorated, Work designation, Dressing, Painting
Worked right along side Director, Designer and DP to keep character branding and color scheme consistent through out every department. We were told that we transformed a lo-no budget into a million dollar feature by the entire cast and crew. Director said we read his mind.

2011-2012- Fractured
Decorating, Art Direction, Set Dressing, Construction, Paint, Buying
In order to stretch the budget we salvaged much of the construction material. We had to think outside the box when coming up with materials to make full wall mirrors.


Lead Man / Gang Boss

2016 – Girls Trip
Gang Boss

2015/2016 – Billionaire Boys Club
Gang Boss, Lead set dresser
Instructing crew and delegating tasks, Gaffed multiple sets, set dressing and wrapping.

2015 – Daddy’s Home 
Gang boss, Gaffed multiple sets.

2014 – Fantastic 4
Gaffed multiple sets, Set dresser
Instructed new crew coming on and delegated tasks

2013 – Reckless (Pilot)
Gang Boss, Gaffed every set, Set Dresser, Shopped

2011- No One Lives
Lead man


Set Dressing

2017 – Underwater

2017 – Claws

2017 – Haunted

2017 – Walmart Commercial

2016 – Queen Sugar

2015 – Scream Queens

2014 – Astronauts Wives Club

2014 – Focus

2013 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

2013 – Treme Season 4

2013 – Opening for Super Bowl

2013- Elsa & Fred

2012- Home Front

2012- Old Boy

2012- This is the End

2012- G.I. Joe 2 Re-shoots

2012- Django “Unchained”

2012- AT&T Commercial

2012- The Host

2011- Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

2011- G.I. JOE 2


Scenic Painting

2011- Haunted High School

2011- Fire With Fire

2011- Imagination Movers

2009- Dylan Dog Dead of Night