Angela Gail Schroeder



12/26/2017 – 02/01/2018: T-Mobile commercial // Mother/Tool of North America

Set decorator / Second Unit Art Director

10/09/2017 – 11/25/2017: Eat Brains Love // Gunpowder and Sky / DIGA (Feature)

Production Designer

08/20/2017 – 10/08/2017: Escape Plan 3 // Lionsgate / Emmet Furla (Feature)

Set Decorator

7/20/2017 – 07/22/2017: Healthy Air PSA // Rescue Agency (TV)

Art Director

05/31/2017 – 07/20/2017: Louisiana Caviar // Brittany House (Feature)

Set Decorator

04/20/2017 – 05/20/2017: Back Roads // Infinity Media (Feature)

Set Decorator

05/22/2017 – 05/26/2017: RealTech Commercial // (TV)

Production Designer/Set Decorator

03/29/2017 – 04/01/2017: Camel Open Sound Commercial // RJ Reynolds/Seed media (TV)

Production Designer/Set Decorator

03/15/2017 – 03/18/2017: VA Med Center Commercial // Department of Veterans Affairs/AMD Films (TV)

Set Dresser/Scenic

03/02/2017 – 03/09/2017: GAP Americana Commercial // Untitled/CVLT (TV)

Production Designer/Set Decorator

03/03/2017 – 03/08/2017: Twitter Commercial // Countertake (TV)

Production Designer/Set Decorator

12/16/2016 – 12/20/2016: Dixie Beer Commercial // Countertake (TV)

Production Designer/Set Decorator

12/2016 – 4/2016: NCIS: New Orleans // CBS (TV)

Set Dressing and Props

09/19/2016 – 09/23/2016: Pelican’s Media Day Promo // FOX New Orleans (TV)

Art Director

Design, fabrication, build and installation of light fixtures for media pieces including two Edison bulb hanging chandeliers and fabrication of 4 hanging lighted letters spelling NOLA (each 3’x 2′).

08/26/2016 – 09/26/2016: Created Equal // T-Cat films (feature)

On-Set Dresser

07/03/2016 – 07/09/2016: The Killing Fields // Sirens Media/Discovery Channel (TV)

Art Director / Set Decorator (Under water – SCUBA)

06/29/2016 – 07/02/2016: Underground // Sony/WGN (TV)

Set dresser

03/25/2016 – 05/07/2016: 68 Kill // Snowfort Pictures/IFC (Feature)

Production Designer

**Winner: Audience Award – SXSW 2017**
**Winner: Most Effectively Offensive – BUFF 2017**
“Haaga’s direction is all about creating the illusion of chaos whilst maintaining precise control. He’s aided by strong cinematography, set design and music, with the whole coming together amazingly well given the limitations of the budget. The pace never slackens and the tension never lets up in a film that’s as full of life as it is of grisly deaths. Pulp has met punk, and the result is spectacular.” – Rotten Tomatoes
The cinematography and production design accentuate Haaga’s writing in their strong colors and unpleasant details, creating a necessary sense of place to anchor the wackiness.”-Bloody Disgusting

08/27/2015 – 10/16/2015: Kill the Czar // Rabbit Bandini (Feature)

Prop Master

07/24/2015-07/26/2015: The Silent Man (Short)

Production Designer/Costume Design

05/25/2015-07/24/2015: Help! My Gumshoe’s an Idiot! (Feature)

Production Designer

04/2015: Scream Queens // Fox (TV-Pilot)

Set Dresser

12/2014 – 03/2015: Zombie Shark // Syfy (Made-for-TV Feature)

Set Decorator

07/2014 – 12/2014: Entroponauts (Series)

Production Design

6/2014 – 7/2014: Reginae Carter- Mind Goin’ Crazy // Cash Money , Young Money Millionaires (Music Video)

Creative Director/Production Design

05/2013 – 06/2013: When the Game Stands Tall // Sony (Feature)

Stills Photography

Second shooter/Studio assistant

2009: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night // Hyde Park (Feature)

Set Dresser




04/01/2017 – on-going freelance: Crescent City Auction Gallery


Photographing antiques and furniture for auction house.

011/2016 – 12/2016: Dewazakura Sake Brewery – Yamagata, Japan


Traveled to Japan to brew sake – assisted in all steps of the sake brewing process from rice preparation to final pressing.

06/2016 – 12/2016: New Orleans Horror Film Festival

Marketing Director

– Seasonal

12/2013-07/2014: Brock Beauty

Creative Director – Marketing Director

-Creative Direction of all ad campaigns and marketing collateral
-Art direction on all graphic design projects, packaging and photo shoots
-Promoted from Creative Director to Director of the entire Marketing department, including Creative, Interactive/Social, Communication/PR, Sales/Distribution, Research+Development and Video Production
-Photography- both Product and Model portraits for advertising, studio design and set up, staging and styling of models, products, props, wardrobe and sets
-Video Production Management for informercials and promotional music videos, web series, and instructional videos
-Organizing and overseeing department  consisting of a creative team, a video production team, a social media team, and a PR team.
-Management of employee relations, schedules, tasks and budgets, as well as facilitating open  and efficient communication between teams and departments.
-Management of celebrity endorsements
-Tradeshow booth design, construction and decoration for live events

05/2011 – 07/2012: The Graphix lab

Creative Director

-Creative direction
-Project management
-Product development- Concept to Creation- fabricating casing and packaging options
-3D and 2D Design
-Photography : Product, Editorial, Portrait/Studio and Location
-Photo and Video editing for promotions and commercials
-Purchasing of props, decorating and dressing for studio shoots

01/2005-01/2009: The Netcom Group

Interactive designer

-Website design
-Graphic design
-Print design
-Photography and photo editing
-Copy writing and story boarding

2001-2005, 2009-2011: Old Metairie Frame Shop

Art + Design Consultant

-Framing pictures (sometimes canvas as large as 6’x10’)
-Installing and hanging pictures
-Working with interior designers to consult on art and color schemes, matting options, frame options
-Working in construction areas of new hotels to determine material types and proper installation techniques
-Art Restoration



New Orleans Glassworks – Print Making series – wood carving, stamp making and silk screening
Apprenticeship with Barry Bailey in Sculpting and mold making, plaster and wax sculpture, and metal casting
Apprenticeship with Pat Jolly in Ceramics
Apprenticeship with Fernando Ortega in drawing, scale, and tattoo design
Apprenticeship with Syndey Byrd in Editorial and Documentary Photography



Creative Direction
Project Management
Concept Art
Graphic Design
Interior Decoration
Interior Design
Color Theory
Art framing and installation
Art Restoration
Jewelry making
Costume design
Set Design + Decoration
Miniature/Diorama construction
Mold making
3D + 2D Design
Model Making
Web design/development
Print Production
Copy Writing
Music Composition
Vendor Sourcing
Budget management
Product Development


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe InDesign
Final Cut Pro


SCUBA certified
Intermediate French
Elementary Japanese