About Us

Angela and Cassady are both Louisiana natives who met through a mutual appreciation of art, music, and traveling. They are two highly creative individuals whose love and respect for one another’s ideas is reflected in their work together. Angela’s specialty is her intuition for character development as well as color/spacial relationships, and Cassady’s specialty is his attention to detail and workflow management. Together their work is elegant and synergistic; thoughtful and bold at the same time.

As a Team:

We have known each other for almost 15 years. We came together through collaborative art and music projects, and finally married in October of 2014.

Our affinity for travel, music, art, and culture has brought us to many places around the world and has inspired us in our own personal projects.

We are equal parts realist and idealist, straddling the line between big ideas and practical execution.

We share a sense of whimsy and dark humor that perfectly juxtaposes amazement and cynicism – we are just as capable of creating a beautiful and elegantly stylized world as we are a dark and cynical post apocalyptic massacre.

As Designers:

One of the things we do best is to bring life to the characters themselves. In film you have such a short amount of time to define a character’s back story, interests and idiosyncrasies so when designing and decorating the first thing we like to do is really get into the head of the characters themselves.

What kind of colors or fabrics would they be wearing, how would their houses be decorated, how would their bedroom be situated, are they overly clean or a bit messy, what are their goals, talents, hobbies, hidden secrets or regrets? These are all elements that can be subtly hinted to or even defined within the setting without having to leave too much of it to dialogue alone.

Aside from character development, we put a lot of emphasis on use of space and color. Sometimes a situation calls for over the top, sometimes subdued, and our job is to decide which approach is appropriate for any given situation.

We have worked on torture dungeons, executive offices, science labs, airplane hangars, warehouses; all of which we put the same amount of heart and research into. Whether it’s a cozy home or a run down exterior, we treat every set with our passion for creating the right atmosphere and respect as an integral part of the whole of the film.

As Team Leaders:

We believe in cultivating an environment of mutual respect and support. We do all we can to facilitate clear and effective communication, which also includes remaining open to criticism and new ideas alike.

Our team members are a vital component of any project and it’s important that we offer constructive feedback and positive reinforcement in order to keep morale high even on the most demanding shoots.

Even when there are script supervisors, we make sure to emphasize the importance of continuity to all on-set art department team members and brief them on all creative decisions so that they may be endowed with enough knowledge to make intuitive decisions on the fly while shooting.

We also maintain round-the-clock communication with all art department personnel including construction, props, set dec, greens, paint, etc in order to make sure that no questions go unanswered and work flow is never halted.

As Collaborators:

Collaboration between departments is a highly important part of design and development. When making decisions about volume, scale, color, texture, every department comes into play. We always work with the DP and the director on establishing the shot list and how we can maximize the use of space to get the best angles and lighting options to give the scene the right mood and ambience. We also work with wardrobe/costume and makeup in communicating color schemes, character branding and textures to ensure a cohesive look that remains strong throughout the duration of the shoot.

Aside from crew members, we like to empathize with the characters themselves and get a feel for the way they would interact with the world around them.